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Socialising Your Dogs

Some handy tips on socialising your dogs.

  • Try to socialise your dog in it’s very early stages.
  • Puppy school is a very important part of your dogs education. The sooner the better as it teaches them how to behave around others. This is particularly important, as at some stage you may need your dog to be boarded.
  • With boarding kennels such as Margate Country Kennels, this helps enormously as we socialise our dogs.
  • The dogs we care for are taken out five times a day, starting at 7am.
  • We love to run all the dogs together, so if your dog has been taught social skills it makes it so much more enjoyable for all concerned.
  • We recommend Kingborough Animal Hospital who run an excellent puppy school.
  • Also please look at dog obedience classes, run by Southern Obedience School, each Sunday morning in Kingston.
  • They have been operating for many years & run a 1st class operation.
  • Margate Country Kennels also offers doggie day care, which is a great way to teach your dog good social skills, plus it gives your dog plenty of mental exercise during the day while you are at work.
  • When your dogs are still in their puppy stage, think about giving them a hydro bath & blow dry, in our brand new grooming salon. This prepares them for future grooming and becomes a pleasant experience for them, instead of a stressful one. Please feel free to call Amanda – our head groomer, if you have any questions regarding the welfare of your dog when it comes to grooming.
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