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A Day in the Life of the Dogs We Care For

Here’s an insight as to what we do with your dog on a daily basis.


All the puppies are let out to run, play in our large outdoor areas. They stay outside, somewhere between 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the weather and how much cleaning inside their rooms is being done. Once back inside they get a fresh bone and dry Supercoat for breakfast. Then some quiet time while the cleaning continues.


Out we go again to run and play for approximately 30 – 45 minutes depending on the weather. Then some morning nap time to restore the energy spent running and playing.


Outside we all go once more, it’s great to watch all the dogs chasing tennis balls. Some are more interested in a game of soccer, or catching a Frisbee! After 30 – 45 minutes everyone is spent so back to our rooms for a little snooze.


Outside once more for 30 minutes of playtime. At this time of the day some of the more elderly prefer to just potter around.
4.30pm….everyone back inside now as it’s time to prepare dinner.


Dinner time for all. We cook fresh daily, chicken mince, rice, pasta and stock make up the main feed. Those on dry food can have Supercoat or some owners supply their own which we are happy to serve. Once the main meal is finished the dinner bowls are collected & everyone gets another fresh bone. All our meat comes from snug butcher who everyone knows is the best in the region.


Everyone outside for the last time today – this time is just a short stay as at this time of year it’s very dark, once daylight savings starts, we keep them out much longer.


Now it’s time for everyone to sleep so we make sure all the bedding is dry, clean water is topped up and a very special treat to go to bed with. We give them a choice of Smackos, dry liver, dried chicken feet or some of the many assorted treats that are on the market these days. Lights out and see you all tomorrow at 7am.

This gives you a pretty good idea of how re operate here at Margate Country Kennels. We take the dogs out 5 times a day. A common trait when the dogs go home is they sleep for two days. For us it’s all about your dogs having the best possible stay with us. Being a small boutique kennel, we have the time to put into the dogs. Having only 20 dogs at any one time, means we can dedicate our time towards the dogs best interests. We also employ extra staff when we are full, meaning the cleaning stays at the highest level and the dogs are constantly under supervision. We also have a brand new grooming salon so we can organise your dog to be beautifully groomed and looking great when you pick them up.

If your dog has never stayed with us please feel free to call and make a time for a private inspection. We are very proud of our luxury boarding kennel and would love to show you just how good your dogs stay can be.

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